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Intro To Photography Class

Why You Should Attend

Class Words

We are all born to be photographers, but we’re not born with the technical knowledge we need to make our photos look the way we want them to. In this class you’ll learn every principle necessary to take beautiful photos that capture your artistic vision. Whether you have a point and shoot or you just got your first digital SLR, during this educational seminar you will learn the fundamentals you need to get the most from your camera and give you inspiration with your education to help you capture your own artistic vision.

This four-hour class will give you a lifetime of better photographs, plus every attendee receives $175 in FREE bonus tools and credits, including OnOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite 7 Standard Edition, a Graphic Authority photo template, and a $25 credit towards Mpix Photo Lab prints and more.

Course Outline

Here is a list of Topics covered & what you will learn when you attend the Intro To Photography Tour.

Light: You can’t start learning Photography until you “see the light”

EXPOSURE: You must tell the camera how much light to see
  • ISO: A little or a lot of Sensitivity…
  • Shutter Speed: Fast or Slow
  • Aperture: Open Wide or Closed Down
  • Learn your stops so you can GO!
The Tradeoffs: Each lighting consideration involves compromises
  • ISO: Grain/Noise and Clarity
  • Shutter Speed: Stopping Motion and Capturing Movement
  • Aperture: Focus and Blur
“Seeing” Light Like a Camera: Your camera sees less light than you do
  • 5 stops: Sliding it left or right…
  • Contrast: Why your photos look different than what you see
  • Color Temperature: Not Hot or Cold, but Blue or Orange
Composition: Placing your subject in the frame using the following principles
  1. Rule of Thirds
  2. Perspective
  3. Leading Lines
  4. Negative Space
  5. Subject
  6. Foreground
  7. Background
Lenses: More than a helping hand, they pass the light along to the camera’s sensor
  • Focus: Blurry or Sharp
  • Focal Length: Wide or Telephoto
  • Zooms vs. Fixed/Primes
  • Perspective: Squash them together or move them apart
  • Distortion: Making Thin Into Fat
Shooting Modes: A thorough explanation of what your camera has to offer
  • Auto: use it once—never use it again
  • Aperture Priority: Lock your Depth of Field
  • Shutter Priority: Lock your Motion Preference
  • Manual: Take complete control
  • Natural Light: And God said: “Let There Be Light.”
  • Reflectors: Bouncing light to where you need it
  • Move your feet: Placing the subject in the best light
  • Fill Flash: Backlighting’s Best Friend
  • Backlighting: Sometimes good, sometimes bad
  • On-Camera Flash: Good, but…
  • Off-Camera Flash: Better!
Digital Photography Fundamentals
  • Megapixels and Resolution: Size doesn’t always matter
  • JPEG/RAW: File Size vs. Flexibility
  • White Balance: Don’t look blue if you’re not blue
  • Histogram: Kind of like the Map of Life
Enhancing Your Images on the Computer
  • Adjust Contrast
  • Add Dramatic Flare
  • Fix Dark Images or under exposed images
  • and much more…

A message from your Instructor:

I believe cameras don’t take pictures; people do. And people who join me for ‘Intro To Photography’ leave my class excited, motivated and confident in a big step towards their personal, photographic journey. Give me four hours, and I’ll give you a lifetime of better photographs.